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Be the leader manufacturer of absorbable biomaterials in China.

ZheJiang HangBiao Medical Products CO.,Ltd
Specializing in the production of hydrocolloids, silicone gel and other high-end dressings and daily care products, medical tape, sports tape, anti wear paste, stop snore stickers, net Yan paste products such as R & D, production and sales.

ZheJiang HangBiao Medical Products CO.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of medical and sports skin care products based in ZheJiang LanXi ,China.Our products portfolio features a broad selection of HB brand skin and wound care tapes,bandages,and sports tapes.We are also specialized in contract manufacturing for your outsourcing needs.Over the years our products have been exported to USA,Germany,Japan,France,and Southheast Asian countries with a rapid growing customer base.

Our team drives quality and performance from the backing material selection,adhesive application,to the end procust speci-fications.The backing materials and pressure sensitive adhesives used for production are exclusively supplied by our factory in Chengdu,China while the adhesive and end product manufacturing take place at our HB factory.Equipped with highly experiensed technicians and engineers at both sites,we are constantly innovating new products,streamlining business operations,and striving to provide high quality products and services to meet customer needs.......

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