Is acne patch really useful?

2020-03-10 10:46

1、 Is blain because did not clean well?

No, acne is not caused by the mixture of oil and dust, but by the excessive secretion of sebaceous glands and excessive keratosis of hair follicle mouth. Therefore, it is impossible to clean the acne by constantly using powerful cleansing products.

1. Can excessive cleaning lead to?

Facial cleaning is very important. In addition to destroying the cuticle of the skin, excessive cleaning will aggravate acne to a certain extent. Our skin will secrete more oil to protect skin balance, and the hair follicle mouth will be more likely to be blocked.

2. How to clean the skin?

In addition, when cleaning, we try to avoid wiping the skin hard. Repeated mechanical friction will make the broken acne produce inflammatory reaction and aggravate the acne. When cleaning, massage gently with fingertips and use disposable cotton towel.

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2、 Can silicone oil cause acne?

Recently, a Lei fan asked Xiao Lei: will silicone oil be added to cosmetics and shampoo?

1. Will silicone oil cause acne?

At present, there is no test and experiment to confirm that silicone oil can cause acne. Some people think that the reason why silicone oil can cause acne is that silicone oil is not soluble in water, so it is not easy to wash, which will lead to pore blockage. However, although silicone oil is insoluble in water, it will not be unable to remove all the time. It just takes time, and this time will not cause any skin problems.

2. How to use silicone oil in skin care products?

Silicone oil is nontoxic. It has no irritation to skin and mucous membrane. The distance between microscopic molecules is also large. So it is more breathable than mineral oil, and it can make skin more smooth. Many foundation, concealer, makeup milk and so on have silicone oil ingredients.

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3、 Does acne patch have effect?

Acne patch is actually a thin film that is more suitable for skin. It usually contains some bacteriostatic ingredients. It claims to be able to lighten smallpox and India, to remove acne, to patch up concealers, and even to isolate pollution. It is well recommended by bloggers and blain muscles. Does that really work?

1. Principle of acne patch

Acne patch, sticking on the acne seems to reduce external stimulation, but we know that this is a thin film, which is similar to local small area package after sticking on. It is not only harmful to the discharge of sebum and excreta, but also leads to excessive hydration of local skin, and may aggravate acne.

2. Acne patch for pustules

But the acne paste is not good for nothing, acne paste is suitable for pustules, other types of acne are not suitable for the use of acne paste, and the use of acne paste can not be too long.